3 Year Olds

Bondi Beach

Beach Ballerinas hold classes for 3 year olds that is a beautiful introduction to the wonderful world of dance. We use the Oz tots Program that has been established for over three decades and proven to be most affective for toddlers and dance!

  • Introducing creative and educational group tasks for literacy and numeracy
  • Enjoy passive stretching, learning body parts, introducing rhythm through clapping and beating to music and using musical instruments
  • Develop gross motor skills i.e. skipping, galloping, jumping and using props
  • Sing to fun songs especially written for this age group
  • So much fun in a loving and nurturing environment
  • Working towards our FUN open day for parents at the end of each Term

4 Year Olds

Bondi Beach

Each class is a gorgeous and fun way for little dancers to explore dance with the right balance between structure and creativity. Dancers will learn proper ballet steps and positions developing a quality foundation to move up to the Pre-Primary Royal Academy of Dance level.

  • Fun activities include basic dance steps
  • Patterning, directional and spatial awareness
  • Having fun with friends through partner and group exercises
  • A little more structured and challenging than the 3 year olds which helps in their preparation for their future school days
  • Working towards our FUN open day for parents at the end of each Term

Kindy Ballet

Bondi Beach

Beach Ballerinas Pre-Primary classical ballet programme introduces the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and continues the development of ballet technique as new steps are introduced to challenge our young dancers.

Aims of the syllabus is to

  • Continue to improve motor development skills and to promote self-expression through movement. Self esteem and self-confidence are also developed in an environment that enables children to become independent and co-operative learners.
  • The program encourages creativity by engaging students in planning exercises set to musical pieces and to express emotion through story telling.

    Our classes are always kept fun and creative keeping your dancer in love with ballet.

Junior Jazz

Bondi Beach

Beach Ballerinas jazz class dancers learn funky age appropriate routines with a technical focus. Jazz is a great free movement class for dancers after a ballet class and builds dancer presence, awareness and confidence.

A very fun, higher energy and moving class for kindergarten kids. Students will also learn a progression from the 3 & 4 year olds program, and also start to technically dance. Strength and stretching exercises are formally introduced in this level which assists with childrens posture and dance technique.

Adult Beginner Ballet

Bondi Beach

For all the ladies who want to learn the basics of ballet in a casual manner. A fun class, learning basic technique from the foundations of ballet with a combination of a barre workout.

Classical Ballet is characterised by a standard vocabulary of steps, poses, and graceful movements including pointed feet, rising, jumping, stretching and spinning. It is strengthening, disciplined and stylised. The class starts with exercises at the barre followed by work in the centre.

There is no such thing as age, with fitness one can do miracles.

Ma Pa and Bubs

Bondi Beach

Mums and Dads want to dance too! Perfect class if you have a little one not quite ready to dance yet solo. This class, is a magical time of bonding that you can share with your little one creating everlasting memories.

You and your little one can learn dancing together, trying out new moves and testing your performance skills. Listen to the music and let little one express what they feel.

You don’t need to have any previous ballet or dance skills – you just need to be ready to have a fabulous time with your dancer. Be ready to dance, move, sing, play and have plenty of fun – just like your little person!